About us

Founded in 2016 by Pierre-Emmanuel Bercy, Victor Seb and Bastien Grand, Onhelp now has around 40 employees in Harrisburg, West Fairview, Steelton, Marysville and Valley Green.

Our vision of home care

What we believe in
At Onhelp, we believe that age is above all a state of mind. In fact, we like to look younger than our own age... at any age! But time eventually catches up with us: life's accidents, illness or disability are all things that we would rather never have to worry about, but they are part of life.
Whatever the circumstances, one thing you never lose is the desire to remain in control of your destiny and the rhythm of your daily life. "Eating, washing, laughing, sleeping: yes, but when I feel like it! »

So, what could be more beautiful for our seniors than to be able to age freely, to see their grandchildren grow up, to continue their life at home, surrounded by their loved ones and their memories? Onhelp has made this its mission.
Our greatest reward is to write these stories of accompaniment, stories of people who simply age well.

Our daily work

We guarantee that your loved one will always have the same caregiver, whom you will have chosen beforehand from the top 5% of the profession. This long-term support is essential because it allows the creation of a relationship based on trust.
Also, because each person is unique, we build each service to measure, and our all-inclusive offer adapts over time to changing needs. And in order to guarantee the quality of support that your loved one deserves, our teams - medical-social and customer satisfaction - are at your side 7 days a week for personalised follow-up.